Membership Fees For Service
Effective 11/01/2020


NOTE:The rates and fees appearing in this fee schedule are accurate and effective for accounts as of the Last Dividend Declaration Date indicated below.

Account Services

Service Fee
NSF Fee (Check, ACH, Debit, ATM) $30.00 per item
Return Deposit Item $30.00 each
Account Closed Within 6 Months $20.00
Account Dormant $5.00 per motn
Account Reconciliation/Research $30.00/hr (1hr min)
Return Check $30.00
Stop Payment per item (single check/ACH) $30.00
Below Minimum Balance Checking $3.00/mo with REGULAR
Below Minimum Balance Savings $3.00/quarter
Bill Pay No Charge
Checks Printing Fee Prices Vary by Style
Club Account Early Withdrawal $20.00 each
Payment Item Return $30.00 each
Statement Copy $5.00 per statement
Stop Payment $30.00 per item


Surcharges No Charge at Providence Branch
No Charge on Money Pass Machines
Charges may vary at out-of-network machines


Service Fee
VISA/ATM card replacement $5.00 (First time only--No Charge)
PIN replacement $5.00
VISA Gift Cards $3.00 each


Service Fee
Cashier Checks $5.00 (Member to Self--No Charge)
Money Orders $2.00 each
Check Copies $5.00 each


Service Fee
Outgoing Wire Transfer $15.00 each
Incoming Wire Transfer $5.00 each


Service Fee
Garnishments/Lien Administration Fees $30.00
Collection Domestic/Foreign $30.00
Skip-A-Pay $10.00